New and Used Tires

Inaccurate tire weight, estimate or unsatisfactory track width can deal cornering, braking, controlling, soundness, comfort, efficiency and tire life. Our expert specialists will enable you to locate the best tires for your particular vehicle, driving style and area.

Our tire administrations include:

  • Checking tire weight
  • Performing visual tire examination to measure tire track
  • Performing tire revolution benefits as required and per vehicle maker details
  • Tire replacement
  • Tire establishment – climb and Balance
  • TPMS Service Kit
  • TPMS Sensor Replacement
  • Road Hazard Insurance Plan
  • Tire Repair

Our tire turn incorporates:

  • Checking tire weight
  • Observing tires to distinguish obvious harm or strange wear designs
  • Rotating tires as indicated by the example prescribed by the vehicle's maker
  • Installing screws to the best possible torque specifications
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